photos Raspberry Pi Jam The Hague

These are photos of the artworks and projects at the Raspberry Pi Jam that I organised at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where I work.

The photographer is Ellie Sparacio Warner, unless stated otherwise. Ellie also posted a video on the academy’s TikTok account.

‘Colour blender’ by Jaap Meijers. Colour sets can be changed and made to blend at different speeds using the switch.

Materials: our old kitchen blender, Raspberry Pi Pico and 200 Neopixels.

‘Timeslice’ by Aldo Hoeben. “A Raspberry Pi 1 shows a time-displaced camera view, illiciting the observer to move their body as they figure out what the display is showing.” Photo by Jaap.

‘Stained Pixels’ by Aldo Hoeben. “A Raspberry Pi Zero shows a photo distorted by a pixelshader on a display that has been stripped of all but its – somewhat transparent – LCD panel. The dynamically distorted image shares characteristics with a stained glass window. But it moves!”

Official Raspberry Pi reseller was there to show and sell Pi related products. Photo by Aldo.